I remotely work with clients in multiple time zones across the United States. We can also work together onsite, as I travel as needed domestically and internationally.

We can start working together in two ways: retainer or dedicated time. Both options are based on an hourly rate that remains static for 12 months after signing a contract. The key difference is how much commitment your team has to offer to the relationship and the size of your backlog or wishlist.


Retainers are a great way to get started, and offer flexibility for your team’s time commitments. I turn around work at a fast pace, and often will be waiting to receive feedback from my retainer clients. Retainers start at 20 hours, and any unused time expires 12 months after invoice date.

Dedicated Time

Dedicated time is my commitment to reserve a specific amount of my week for your organization during a given month. Each month allows for flexibility to change the amount of hours per week. If there is remaining time by the end of the month, it expires and does not roll over, and if excess time is spent, an invoice is issued for overtime. Dedicated time starts at 8 hours per week and caps at 20 hours per week (depending upon availability).