Dodge Labs designs, builds, and extends solutions, and consults for organizations leveraging the Salesforce platform.



Navigating an ever-changing technology landscape can seem overwhelming, especially as firms are acquired and offered as add-on features to your existing licenses. Dodge Labs cuts through the marketing fluff and provide guidance to extract the most value from your investment in the Salesforce platform and how it connects to your existing systems landscape.



Whether you’re part of a large organization spanning multiple continents or a small team, I architect solutions that meet immediate needs and scales with you as your organization pivots and grows. As an efficiency and productivity nut, I engineer processes that reduce complexity and failure points with less end-user overhead.



Solutions are implemented with a mix of clicks and code, always cognizant of your organization's ability to maintain what is built. I use declarative tools like process builder, native languages like Apex, Visualforce, and Lightning, and cutting-edge JavaScript frameworks like React to streamline processes and create incredible user experiences.

Whether building reports to track KPIs, integrating with APIs, or building custom UIs, Dodge Labs has it covered.