Dodge Labs consolidates a strategy consultant, developer, and systems architect into a single package.

Nimble & Agile

Your ideas deserve exploration. As requirements change, systems evolve, and stakeholders influence trajectory, I adapt to your organization and don’t practice aggressive scope management. I deliver solutions, not change orders.

Empower Clients

Your organization has a responsibility to maintain its infrastructure, and that should be possible without Dodge Labs. I empower admins and developers within your organization to maintain and improve solutions without the need to rely upon my services. I’d rather see you succeed and grow than need a support contract with me.

Handcrafted Code

Your solutions are designed and built by the same person involved from the first conversation our organization has together. I’m proud of what we build and my reputation for high quality technical solutions. I don’t outsource, offshore, nearshore, or subcontract your work.

Deep Experience

Your team has embarked on a journey with the Salesforce platform and deserves to have an expert guide. My role is to advise you based on years of experience, hundreds of deployments, and delivery of solutions to firms across multiple industries and sizes. Would you hire a newbie to lead you up Mount Everest?

This philosophy has enabled organizations ranging from 10 to 1,200 users to succeed with their objectives, without the craziness that other consulting firms bring to the table.