You’ve never worked with a consultancy like Dodge Labs.



Dodge Labs designs, builds, and extends solutions, and consults for organizations leveraging the Salesforce platform.



Navigating an ever-changing technology landscape can seem overwhelming, especially as firms are acquired and offered as add-on features to your existing licenses. Dodge Labs cuts through the marketing fluff and provide guidance to extract the most value from your investment in the Salesforce platform and how it connects to your existing systems landscape.



Whether you’re part of a large organization spanning multiple continents or a small team, I architect solutions that meet immediate needs and scales with you as your organization pivots and grows. As an efficiency and productivity nut, I engineer processes that reduce complexity and failure points with less end-user overhead.



Solutions are implemented with a mix of clicks and code, always cognizant of your organization's ability to maintain what is built. I use declarative tools like process builder, native languages like Apex, Visualforce, and Lightning, and cutting-edge JavaScript frameworks like React to streamline processes and create incredible user experiences.

Whether building reports to track KPIs, integrating with APIs, or building custom UIs, Dodge Labs has it covered.

Dodge Labs consolidates a strategy consultant, developer, and systems architect into a single package.

Nimble & Agile

Your ideas deserve exploration. As requirements change, systems evolve, and stakeholders influence trajectory, I adapt to your organization and don’t practice aggressive scope management. I deliver solutions, not change orders.

Empower Clients

Your organization has a responsibility to maintain its infrastructure, and that should be possible without Dodge Labs. I empower admins and developers within your organization to maintain and improve solutions without the need to rely upon my services. I’d rather see you succeed and grow than need a support contract with me.

Handcrafted Code

Your solutions are designed and built by the same person involved from the first conversation our organization has together. I’m proud of what we build and my reputation for high quality technical solutions. I don’t outsource, offshore, nearshore, or subcontract your work.

Deep Experience

Your team has embarked on a journey with the Salesforce platform and deserves to have an expert guide. My role is to advise you based on years of experience, hundreds of deployments, and delivery of solutions to firms across multiple industries and sizes. Would you hire a newbie to lead you up Mount Everest?

This philosophy has enabled organizations ranging from 10 to 1,200 users to succeed with their objectives, without the craziness that other consulting firms bring to the table.


So, who is Dodge Labs?


Meet Roger Mitchell.

I am a lifelong technologist that enjoys changing the way people and technology interact. I moved into the Salesforce ecosystem in 2010 as a consultant to enterprises, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. Over the past 8 years, I have moved 50+ customers to the Salesforce platform with deployments ranging from 10 to 1,200 users, and have worked with client teams across 5 continents.

I have spoken at Dreamforce three times, presented at local Dreamin’ events across the United States and Europe, and many times at local meetups. I embed myself within the Salesforce and front-end developer ecosystems to continually improve my craft.

Outside of work, I live with my wife in Peterborough, New Hampshire. We moved up from New York City to launch her company and love the access we have to the outdoors. I’m a runner, cyclist, and snowboarder that flies planes and shoots film. Cooking is my form of meditation, and I rarely use measuring utensils.

I remotely work with clients in multiple time zones across the United States. We can also work together onsite, as I travel as needed domestically and internationally.

We can start working together in two ways: retainer or dedicated time. Both options are based on an hourly rate that remains static for 12 months after signing a contract. The key difference is how much commitment your team has to offer to the relationship and the size of your backlog or wishlist.


Retainers are a great way to get started, and offer flexibility for your team’s time commitments. I turn around work at a fast pace, and often will be waiting to receive feedback from my retainer clients. Retainers start at 20 hours, and any unused time expires 12 months after invoice date.

Dedicated Time

Dedicated time is my commitment to reserve a specific amount of my week for your organization during a given month. Each month allows for flexibility to change the amount of hours per week. If there is remaining time by the end of the month, it expires and does not roll over, and if excess time is spent, an invoice is issued for overtime. Dedicated time starts at 8 hours per week and caps at 20 hours per week (depending upon availability).


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